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  • Wholly owned Government of Tamilnadu Enterprise set-up to promote electronics projects through equity participation and infrastructure development.
  • Engages in three types of equity participation viz. Joint Venture(26% equity participation). Associate Venture(11% equity participation) and Escort Venture (1% equity participation).
  • Promoted 33 projects since inception.
  • Assists Joint and Associate Sector companies with regard to issues connected with the Government Departments / Financial Institutions.Marketing assistance for selected electronic products manufacturers in Tamil Nadu.
  • In process of setting up Information Technology Parks near Chennai, Software Technology Park at Coimbatore, manufacture and supply of radio systems; apart from other projects on the anvil, including the Tamilnadu Institute of Information Technology(TANITEC).

Electronics Corporation of Tamilnadu Ltd. (ELCOT) has been set up with the objective of promoting electronic industries in Tamilnadu. ELCOT has been actively stimulating the growth of electronic industries by creating the required infrastructure, hand holding the technocrat entrepreneurs in electronics, computer software and hardware activities by promoting joint ventures; providing marketing and managerial support for these ventures and providing technology application support for small and medium sectors.

The emphasis over the years has been to build on the strengths created by ELCOT, be it operating its own manufacturing division profitably or maximising returns of capital investment through strengthening well managed companies in the ELCOT group. An in-house technology development and application center provides database and technology development and also assists the state funding institutions like TIIC and SIPCOT for the Electronic project Analysis and evaluation. ELCOT is the operating agency for Electronic Hardware Technology Park (EHTP) scheme in Tamilnadu. ELCOT has 27 joint/Associate companies in areas of components, consumer electronics, communication equipment, power electronics systems, software development. infrastructure development etc. The emphasis in the years to come will be in the following areas:

  • Create infrastructure for software development at Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai and Trichy.
  • Encourage Tamilnadu companies to globalise their operations to meet the demands of economy.
  • Encourage global companies to relocate their operations in Tamilnadu and to start their new manufacturing divisions in Tamilnadu.
  • Encourage joint venture initiatives in leading edge technologies.
  • Reversal of brain Drain.

The IT policy of the Government of Tamilnadu, Nov1997

Call it a nexus between the Government and the entrepreneur. A vision where all encouragement and help is available, to facilitate setting up of an IT facility.

A policy that's a giant leap forward to develop and integrate the country into the worldwide IT network.

Take a look at the special features

Beyond subsidies and other benefits extended to other industries, the following concessions have been announced by the Government of Tamilnadu for IT industries:

  • Information Technology parks at Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy and Madurai with full fledged international facilities.
  • Technology parks both private and Government will have an Executive Authority to function as a single window for all statutory clearances required for the units within the park.
  • TANITEC, an apex institution will act as a center of excellence in the field of IT.
  • Software industries including services and Training Institutions in IT will be entitled to industry Status to enable them to be eligible for all concessions and incentives applicable to industries.
  • All software industries, maintenance and servicing units in IT will be treated as industrial consumers for calculating electricity tariff.
  • The Tamilnadu Government will facilitate the setting up of T-Net with information back bone connecting all District Headquarters using the Cable T.V.Networking all over the state.
  • For quality certification of training in hardware, servicing and maintenance, ELCOT will be the nodal agency to prescribe minimum standards for eligibility.

  • Government of Tamilnadu will facilitate a 72-hour cycle for import of components and export of finished products by the hardware units.

A single window for all your needs

From allotment of large sized land, power supply, link roads, water supply, Drainage and other infrastructural facilities. ELCOT will interact wit VSNL, DOT for state-of-the-art communication needs, including VSAT, ISDN and internet. ELCOT, think of it as an entity, that assists in the smooth implementation of your projects. A dedicated, committed partner of progress.

Our ongoing projects in the development of infrastructure are

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